Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need to access this service?
All you need to access Relativity is a web browser with Internet access. There is no software to download or install.

Is Relativity useful for Service organizations?
Absolutely. Relativity contains price comparisons on office, building and maintenance supplies -- most of those things that service companies use in their operations.

Will I be asked to share my pricing?
Subscribers will not be asked to share their pricing with Relativity Services™. There is a feature available for subscribers to request items be added to the data base. For instance, you may request a manufacturer line be added. If we add that line, we will request pricing from you (if available) during the "add" process. These prices are used to help verify that we have the correct item(s). The prices provided in these cases are not the basis for the item price data displayed in the Relativity Services™ database.

What country/regional markets does this information include?
Relativity's item data is derived from millions of items purchased from major companies located across the United States of America.

How are the prices updated?
Relativity's proprietary content partners feed Relativity's database with current, real, transactions, so that the information is always frequently updated.

How do I know if this would be valuable to me/my company?
The external spend on these types of products for manufacturing companies is typically 1% to 2% of revenue. Professionals know that knowledge is power in negotiating. How valuable is the ability to understand if you are buying or selling at the right price? If you are still not sure, sign up for a risk-free, no obligation (no credit card info is gathered), 30 day pass which provides you limited access to the database and some of the educational tools that are available to subscribers. You perform your own searches on common items your company uses, compare the pricing and quantify your own return on investment.

I am an independent consultant who is interested in a membership to help with my supply chain management projects. Does Relativity Services allow this type of membership?
Absolutely. Relativity Services has a wide appeal to those working in the supply chain management field and we believe independent consultants can benefit greatly not only from the pricing data but also from the easy-to-use tools that are available and allow for automated bouncing of data. Contact Relativity Services at for details and pricing.

Once I find savings opportunities in the Item reference database, what is the best way to engage suppliers to achieve the comparative price?
To get the most value from this item pricing data, buyers should compare their current pricing against the Relativity Services pricing and if there are savings opportunities reflected in that pricing then the buyer should work with their suppliers to understand what is driving the cost difference.

One tactic that can be very useful is for a buyer to use the Relativity Services pricing as a target price when issuing competitive RFQ’s and request potential suppliers to explain any pricing variances from the Relativity Services defined “comparative” price.

Does Relativity Services™ provide suggested suppliers?
No. Relativity Services™ is a professional pricing intelligence service for buyers and sellers. In order to maintain the integrity of the service and the data, we do not suggest suppliers and we will not accept any paid advertisements/endorsements from suppliers as part of our regular membership.

However, Relativity Services does offer consulting services including strategic sourcing which offers due diligence and recommendation of supplier(s) who meet pricing and service requirements. Contact for more information.

How does a Supplier/Distributor Benefit from Relativity Services™?
Suppliers benefit from a view of market pricing provided by an independent third-party. A supplier may be launching into a new commodity, responding to an RFQ, want to monitor market competitiveness for a certain customer size or need to validate its pricing levels. Additionally, suppliers gain access to the tools and knowledge sophisticated buyers are utilizing in preparation for negotiations, which can help them to effectively build a case to support their own pricing levels.

Will I be able to find all the items I buy or sell in the Relativity Services™ database?
No, the Relativity Services™ Item Price Reference Database is currently made up of over 80,000 commonly purchased items spanning Office Supplies, IT Peripherals, MRO, Industrial and Building Supplies. These items enable subscribers to review a portion of their needs to check the pricing compared to what they see on same or similar items. You will likely find many of your items in the database but not all. Relativity Services™ allows you to request items that you want to add to the database and our Strategic Sourcing Team will consider these requests for future database updates.

Still have questions?
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